Guarda la rosas, no estoy muerta
Dejé una espina bajo tu cama

Rebecca ‘Pete’ McPhearson is a hobo-gypsy, currently living in the back of a car somewhere in central Europe. She likes to listen to rock music, jump off cliffs and eat raw pasta. She writes self indulgent anecdotes, gratuitous lesbian porn and random statements about the universe. She is practicing the art of Zen and is experimenting with describing herself in the third person.

Pete has never held a steady job, never paid taxes, never had a driving licence and never eaten a whole elephant in one sitting. This has not prevented her from learning lots of interesting things nor been much of an impediment to driving round Europe finding nice beaches to sleep on.

Pete would like to say that no animals were harmed during the writing of this bio – but we all know that isn’t true. That fucking squirrel had it coming.